View Full Version : falcon futura station wagon 1965

joe demoruelle
05-25-2010, 03:44 PM
I'm starting to redo somethings on the motor. So much room to work in. I was thinking of exchanging motors for a V8, but with gas going up and up, the 6 cyl. is sounding better. This car made the drive from Tenn. to Vegas and now sits in a garage awaiting new paint and interior.

05-25-2010, 09:08 PM
Well.. no turning back now. You ought to read my last blog if you haven't already. You may find out for yourself what that's all about.

You ought to move up to a later pre-smog 200 6 (up to '71 model) and get a newer C4 automatic to go behind it. Going to a V8 might require a lot of other modifications (front-end, rear-end, driveline, etc). and might put you in a longer process than you may have wanted to do. You'll probably need a new driveline with anything but the original setup.

What I would consider would be to go totally off-the-wall and pickup a little v6 out of a Ranger pickup and a 5-speed manual tranny. That would make for a pretty peppy little Falcon without the gas sacrifices of a V8. I've never seen it done either, so you might have a real conversation piece if you did something like this.

Although with a classic car, which doesn't get driven as much -- having a V8 assures you at least get fresh gas more than once a year. I find, some years, to not put enough mileage on my wagon to use up a half tank (all I ever put in) a year.