View Full Version : 1962 Ford Falcon 1600obo

08-04-2010, 06:28 PM
It's killing me to get rid of and I'm too embarrassed to admit how much money I've spent on my Falcon "Myrtle". Named after the first owner in 1962. I'm the third owner and she needs to live on.
1962 Ford Falcon. 4d sedan. She was my daily driver but, her tranny gave out. (wasn't into the whole cross dressing thing I guess.)

Good 170cbi engine.
Solid frame. Not bent or rusted out.
3 good fenders.
4 good doors.
A lot of good Transmission Parts. (rebuilt it once, second time part snapped)
New Radiator
New Engine Mounts
Solid Suspension. (new tie arms and new springs)
New Fuel Pump
Brand New Brakes.

*All the other miscellaneous parts you can think of.

Perfect Frankenstein Vehicle for any running 1962 Falcon/Mustang.
Want to sell it all in one fail swoop but willing to part it out.
Have more pics if interested. She's out at my step sister's house in Woodinville if you are interested in a viewing.

Sean Burkhardt