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Hal Cogburn
10-16-2010, 04:39 PM
I have a complete air conditoning system...looks all stock with the exception of the compressor that is more modern. It is installed in my 1965 Convertible and I don't plan on using it. While the fan turns on etc and blows air it does need to be recharged....or at least that is what I have been told.
Personally I don't like the large unit hanging under the dash and since it is a convertible that I will typically only drive locally I don't need or want the air conditioning....so thought I would check with the folks here to see if there is any interest. Since it is installed I would need/like help taking it out for the buyer.
Price...I really don't know what a fair price is but if the buyer is willing to help take it out the price should be better than normal.
The unit under the dash is driver quality...and I have not really tried to clean it up....but I'm sure it could be made to look better than it is now.

If anyone is interested let me know...I'm in no hurry as it is not hurting anything just setting there.
I will attempt to attach pictures but it that doesn't work just email me and I can respond with larger pictures.


10-18-2010, 09:15 PM

You should also consider the national newsletter. There is a lot of states where AC would be nice to have. And the most important thing is you having all the bits. You can clean these up and rechrome the rough bits as long as you have them.

It looks to have maybe been converted to R-134 considering it has the newer compressor, but that would be something someone may want to know. R-12 freon, though you can still get in some back-door deals, is obsolete and very expensive.

Hal Cogburn
10-21-2010, 04:20 PM
Thanks Roger...I might do that down the road or put it on Craigs list...I was thinking that if someone in the general area was interested they could see it in the car....and if there are tests (not sure what that might be) they could do them to make sure it is a good system...I was told by the seller that it just needed to be recharged but...based on my experience the seller was either less than honest or had a very, very short memory.
If someone was interested I might be willing to trade (barter) the system for assistance on some of the work I would like to get done...I really enjoy working on the car but my mechanical capabilities...lets say...are somewhat lacking.
I purchased a power steering system to replace the one I have from a fellow in Tacoma....I think he said he was a member here...that I could use help on installing...I would like to put a gasket kit in my old control valve...although it works fine does leak a little...and have been told that the rear end bearing might be leaking...for folks that know what they are doing these are not big deals but I don't want to tackle it unless there was someone around that could help and guide me through it.

But...if no one local has an interest I might just pull it out this winter, clean it up....and list it for sale....in the Pacific Northwest we don't need air that often but at times it is nice.