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02-21-2012, 12:19 PM
Greetings! New to Raineer Falcons.

We have a 62 Falcon Fordor that we purchased about a year ago. It is black on black, has the 170, and 2spd.

She is a true daily driver, the wife takes the little one to day care, then goes to work in her.

A couple of weeks ago she was ouit of commission while we stripped the interior, removed old sound deadener, stripped the floor, and converted the rust (no rust through on the floor). The wife even crawled in the trunk, scraped, scoured, and converted the rust in there.

So now there is new deadener, carpet seat belts, console, and re-upholstered seats.

Unfortunately she got a ride home on a tow truck last night from Marysville after the generator froze up on the way back home from Seattle.

02-21-2012, 01:47 PM
Welcome! Post some pics of your car and your work when you get a chance. We love to see that sort of thing. Your wife may not want you to post the "This is my wife in the trunk" picture, but other before and after pics are always nice to see. [thumb]

It is a 50 year old car, so that generator may have been spinning away for that long. Who knows. An alternator swap is pretty simple to do (isn't it, Guy?), so you may want to consider it as an alternative to replacing the generator. But generators work too!

Also, we are BIG advocates, especially with little ones riding in the car, to upgrade the brake master cylinder to a dual reservoir style if it still has the single reservoir style. This is a relatively simple and cheap upgrade to the car - one that pays huge dividends in security and safety. Most of us have done it, or are going to do it. Also, as a bonus - we, as a club, will do it for you as part of your club membership. And we will supply all the fittings to do it. You just need to get a 67 Mustang drum/drum dual master cylinder (avg. cost $40) and set-up a tech day with us (like the one we are having this weekend). In fact, if you can make it to the tech day this weekend, we could probably do that this coming Saturday for you.

Regardless of when, we are happy you found us and look forward to seeing you and your car at a future club gathering.

02-21-2012, 05:51 PM
I already grabbed an alternator, just need to mod the brackets.

Thanks for bringing the dual MC up to the front of the brain. I was putting it off pending a disc upgrade but $40 is well spent when it comes to the family even if it temporary.

I saw the post about this weekend, not sure how things are playing out @ work. I may or may not be avilable, sounds like a good time.