View Full Version : 63 Econline pickup

09-30-2012, 05:32 AM
I just got this a couple of days ago, can't wait to get it on the road. I got it running yesterday. I going to put a single wire alternator from a 97 Mazda on it. The brakes aren't working and needs allot of rust repair. It came with allot of spare pats the PO collected. Also got to replace exhaust system (midnight raid on local muffler shop dumpster for take offs and swap rusted out gas tank with good one that came with it, also rebuild carb which leaks like a sieve


09-30-2012, 03:49 PM
I like it. Those were my second choice while looking for my Ranchero. Good luck with it, and have fun!

09-30-2012, 06:12 PM
Well got the carb clean up and now it doesn't leak, There were a couple of fuel sending units and I found one that worked and I got it cleaned up, so I will put the tank in Tuesday. I have to work tomorrow.Bought a ignition switch so I can put that in so I don't have to use a screw driver.

10-01-2012, 07:57 AM
Gotta love them old ecocolines. If you need any parts or help don't hesitate to ask. I have a 62 van and a lot of parts that would work on your as well. Also Brian (BPVan) has a van as well and a ton of parts. Maybe we can get all three of our rigs to the next group gathering!!!

04-13-2013, 08:17 AM
Well I been work on the EPup sense end of September. I got engine running great, allot of rewiring, replaced radiator with mustang unit, replaced starter, coil, starter solenoid, replaced generator with Mazda 323 alternator, converter oil bath air filter to cartage type filter, replaced fuel pump, rebuilt carburetor, reworked door lock so I can lock it , painted dash, sound proofed cab added carpet, added bumpers, replaced brake lines, added winter studded tires with extra weight (was like a tank in snow and black ice, I was very happy) now I have new tires and wheels from my tax return (this is going to be a keeper). I have the heater working (very good unit, it will make you crack a window even on the coldest day. I primed the whole truck with Rustoleum to slow down the rust. s soon as we get some good weather I'll start attacking the rust holes.I's been a daily driver sense December when I got it registered and inspected. Here are some pics on how it looks now (http://s210.photobucket.com/user/mail1948/media/1963%20Ford%20Econline%20Pickup%202012/newwheels1_zps7e5addd6.jpg.html?sort=3&o=1) Pic2 (http://s210.photobucket.com/user/mail1948/media/1963%20Ford%20Econline%20Pickup%202012/newwheels2_zps223d2d68.jpg.html?sort=3&o=0) Pic3 (http://s210.photobucket.com/user/mail1948/media/1963%20Ford%20Econline%20Pickup%202012/newwheels2_zps223d2d68.jpg.html?sort=3&o=0) (I'm having a hell of a time getting pictures to post, I couldn't get insert image to work, so I went with links).