View Full Version : Vintage plates - Washington

Jeff W
03-24-2013, 07:07 PM
So the annual tabs were coming due on my wagon ($95) so I decided it was time to look into the Year of Manufacture plate option.

Found a set of 1963 plates for $50 that were in pretty nice shape. Brought them and my title to the local vehicle registration office and in five minutes and $67 I walked out with my plates registered for life... never need renewal!

I like saving money plus they look cool on the car. There are use restrictions, but since I don't drive it daily and don't use it for a taxi... it's not a problem.

Just wanted to throw out there how easy it was... I had been putting it off for fear of the unknown.

03-24-2013, 10:38 PM
I too, think it's a great option. There are (is?) at least 3 of us in the club now with YOM plates. The cost to change to YOM was less for me as I already had collector plates.

Also, I think I said here before that you can have mangled plates stripped, straightened, and even small cracks repaired, and then repainted, by an outfit in Marysville for $75. He can even supply the correct (re-popped) year sticker if that is needed (I needed that). My plate is looking a bit shabby, and I think I will have it re-done some time in the future.