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06-12-2013, 08:24 PM
I live in Tampa and Zephyrhills is a town maybe 30 or 40 miles northeast of Tampa. My wife and I took the "Wonder Falcon" for a spin today when I got home from work. We took the attached thumbnail picture of a nice little locomotive with faded paint on it that says "Zephyrhills Express" that is parked next to Highway 301. I just googled the "Zephyrhills Express" and found the following info:


http://www.steamlocomotive.com/florida/dantzler1147-2-button.jpg (http://www.steamlocomotive.com/florida/dantzler1147-2.jpg) http://www.steamlocomotive.com/florida/dantzler1147-1-button.jpg (http://www.steamlocomotive.com/florida/dantzler1147-1.jpg) South of town on highway 301 is a place called Festival Park. In the park sits this 0-4-0T+T. This 1907 Vulcan was built as Florida Phosphate 2, and in 1933 was sold to Dantzler Lumber (near Tampa) and renumbered 1147. After its career was over, it was placed on display in Lowery Park in Tampa. It was later moved to the Florida Gulf Coast Railroad Museum (http://www.frrm.org/) in Parrish. My guess is that was recently moved to its present location. I don't know if the tender was really part of this locomotive or not (it already has a tank). Also, the smoke stack is probably not authentic. It is one of only a few yellow steam locomotives that I have seen.

Jeff W
06-12-2013, 09:39 PM
That is a little guy. My family is likely going to the RR museum in North Freedom Wisconsin in July. They have boatloads of junk like that. I'll take pictures.

06-13-2013, 10:01 AM
That's an awesome looking Falcon too! Man, you just gotta love a black round-body hardtop with red accents.