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09-21-2013, 09:15 AM
I had a problem with corrosion in my carburetor and a mechanic that I use recommended ethanol-free gas. After a little bit of research (see: http://pure-gas.org (http://pure-gas.org/) ) I found that there is a gas station about four miles from my house that sells 90-Octane ethanol-free gas.



It would be 93-octone premium gas, but leaving out the alcohol lowers the octane rating to 90. As a historical note: "From 1962 – 1967 the average octane for regular gasoline in the U.S. was 93 (it is 87 now)." The ethanol-free gas is quite a bit more expensive than regular, but there were a bunch old cars all converging on that gas station this morning when I was adding gas to the Falcon.