View Full Version : A new level of bodywork

12-25-2013, 12:49 AM
I have been following this guys posts for a while. He is a welders welder in Scotland. Check out what he built himself:


While this isn't Falcon related, it is a Ford and I suggest you spend some of your holiday digestion time reading through this pretty incredible thread. It is a 1959 Thames van, Ford only sold them in the UK. Few exist in the US, in fact one is for sale just south of here but due to its rarity in the US they are not cheap.

In short this guy was given a camper van that sat in a field, in super damp Scotland, for many years. He gives off good tips while he rebuilds this van piece by piece. (Roger and Steve will relate well) I think the integrated rotisserie alone is worth the read. His welding and tips are pretty amazing.