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02-05-2014, 09:40 AM
For any of you interested: Rakers car club car show in Port Townsend Wa. (Gina's Home Town) is having their annual car show on June 28th. Show opens to the public at 9:30 am. They let you in around 7am. Last year they had about 250 cars and filed the baseball stadium in downtown P.T. I have gone every year for the last 6 years or so and it gets better every year.
Registration is 15$ in advance (by June 1st) $20 day of show. They have food, music and a lot of stuff they raffle off each year. Plus some very cool places to visit within walking distance of the field. (all grass). If interested they should have some more info and registration forms at their web site: http://ptrakerscc.wordpress.com hope to see a few there.:BEER:

Gina K
02-05-2014, 11:44 AM
Thanks for the info Steve, I will request that day off of work. Maybe we can park together and others will join us?

02-05-2014, 12:19 PM
This sounds like a great place for a car show. Carol likes the idea of going to this one also. She isn't hot on sitting on in a parking lot all day so this will allow us to see some sites. Larry

02-05-2014, 01:46 PM
If we meet up we can enter the show as a group plus I'm in good with them so I could get us all together.

02-05-2014, 06:24 PM
A bit too early for me to commit, but I'll keep it in mind, Sounds like it's a good one.

Gina K
02-06-2014, 12:52 AM
I know where all the good eats are. Sorry Steve, the Burrito place is gone.

02-06-2014, 08:15 AM
Damn it. Those were huge and cheap. Oh well. What's that place just up the road that has all the old cars and memorabilia called? I went there last year and could have spent a week looking around.

Gina K
02-06-2014, 12:07 PM
It's called Bergstroms Antique and Classics. There is a lot to see there🚙

03-25-2014, 10:12 PM
Ok back to the top for this one too... June 28th Pprt Townsend at the ball field right in the middle of old downtown!! Great show on the lawn plenty of shade and lot of local sights and food. Put it on the list. :rocker::3g:

03-27-2014, 07:22 AM
I'm changing time zones with depressing frequency these days, but I'll attempt to block out the day.