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02-07-2014, 09:45 AM
OK, probably a dumb question that I'm sure I'd figure it out eventually (and I'm sure someone has already covered but I couldn't find it), but I didn't get to it before bed time last night and I want to finish getting one of my fenders off tonight because I have a welder coming by tomorrow am to look at some things...appreciate advice:

I found where the bolt on the middle rear and bottom rear of the fender go through to the inside of the car and have the nut on them...can I just remove those nuts from the inside and the fender comes off? (ie the bolt head is held by something?) or do I have to get to the head of the bolt somehow, and if so how do I get to the bolt head?


Jeff W
02-07-2014, 12:32 PM
Those two bolts are held captive in the fender. That is unless the little retaining clip comes off and the whole bolt spins... then it is a major pain (ask me how I know). The head on that "bolt" is actually a flat piece of tin with a little bent tab that keeps it from spinning. Be gentle.

I recommend shooting a bit of WD-40 or equiv on the bolt/nut a few minutes before you lay on the floor to get at those two nuts.

Your car is clean so it should go smooth.

02-07-2014, 01:23 PM
Thanks Jeff, that's a relief, and I did put some WD-40 on it last night and let it soak...

02-07-2014, 01:51 PM
Don't forget the one right by the windshield too. :D

02-08-2014, 11:44 PM
Fenders off.... LOTS of progress today. I need to get my own thread going on the whole car... Does anyone know what the (sort of rubber/plastic like) stuff is around the inside structure where it meets up with the fender? and where I can get it? (Pic)

02-09-2014, 12:12 AM
Those are your inner fender seals. You can get new ones from any of the falcon parts suppliers.
Looks good get re dun. :D

02-09-2014, 08:07 AM
Found it...sometimes knowing what to call it is everything!:rocker:

02-09-2014, 12:09 PM
The black panel where the rear fender seal attaches is removable. Just an FYI in case you ant to pull it to clean up things a bit.

02-10-2014, 10:25 PM
Thanks Patrick...Yep, got them off and ready for cleanup...which wasn't too difficult, on one side almost fell off.

02-11-2014, 03:37 AM
Hello, Don.

Could you stand the fender on a bathroom scale and tell me how much it weighs? I'm just curious.

Thanks, Dennis.

02-11-2014, 10:27 PM
Believe it or not...21 lbs. Standing on end, the things are almost five feet tall too.

02-12-2014, 03:38 AM
Believe it or not...21 lbs. Standing on end, the things are almost five feet tall too.

Thanks! I have heard that people took the front fenders off of their old hot rods to remove weight, and I wondered how much that would be.