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04-18-2014, 08:24 PM
So I took the delivery on a road trip to Longview Washington today. According to my odometer it was 210 miles each way for a total of 420 miles.
She ran, drove, and worked almost flawlessly. I had a minor incident on the way back when I hit a big bump (due to construction) and when the suspension compressed it smashed the fuel pump wire that had unknowingly to me wiggled loose and was hanging down lower than where I mounted it. Anway it caused the fuse for the fuel injection to pop and I coasted off the road. After about 15 minutes of diagnoses I figured it out, swapped the fuse and bang on my way all the way home.
Now I need to check a few things to double check this but, according to my odometer I traveled 210 miles and when I fueled up the car it took 8.8 gallons. Now if my math serves me right that is about 25 mpg!!!L now major questions, the speedo only goes up to 42 mph right now, does that affect the odometer? Also I have 17" wheels with an outside diameter of about 27". Would that affect my findings??
Anyway had a blast got some great parts and it was a great day. Dennis this one was for you and thanks for all your trip posts it made me want to go even more. :BEER:

This is my first rest break. I stopped at the power plant on the canal by Hoodsport.

04-18-2014, 08:25 PM
Another picture. For some reason I can only post one at a time with my iPad?

Here is the delivery crossing the floating bridge over Hood Canal.

04-18-2014, 08:26 PM
This one I stopped on my side of the hood canal bridge. You can see the white truck pulling in behind me. It was the bridge maintenance truck. They wanted to see if I was ok and to look at my car[thumb].

04-18-2014, 08:29 PM
Ok last one. I stopped at the ice cream train right next to Discovery Bay.

04-18-2014, 08:56 PM
Neat trip, Steve. Thanks for the pics!

04-18-2014, 10:09 PM
This is a good shake-down trip. I still need to do this on both of mine. Real soon now. Still have to put the grille on the wagon and put water back in after draining it a third time, and the Ranchero's driven maybe 30 miles. So many things, so little time.

So was this the guy with the transmissions or was I confused?

04-18-2014, 10:18 PM
According to my odometer it was 210 miles each way for a total of 420 miles.... :BEER:

I don't think that means beer...

Yeah, the OD is running off the speedometer, but it may be the needle that is hitting something, though the drive is spinning fast enough to keep the OD reading somewhat OK. That seem a pretty close reading since I think it's about 200 miles from Seattle to Portland. You need to get the dash out and see if there is something obvious with the 42 MPH thing.

04-18-2014, 10:20 PM
Yup he has 4 of them and 4 good 4 speeds. 4 round body rancheros, 4 round body wagons, and piles of stuff. I got extra cards from him and Jim the polisher guy. My trim looks phenomenal a bit pricy but very nice.
Shake those cars down Roger show season is here and I'm not afraid to drive mine now!

04-19-2014, 04:29 AM
So I took the delivery on a road trip to Longview Washington today.

Yaaaaaaay, Steve!

Thanks for the pictures! It looks like you had beautiful weather. I like the ice cream train.

I am sure that it brings you a tremendous amount of satisfaction to finally DRIVE that puppy after all the work you have put into it. But, you are putting smiles on a lot of other faces too. People (myself included) really enjoy seeing old cars out on the road. Jay Leno explained how drivers sort of go comatose while going down the highway because all the similar looking cars in traffic blend together and it is like watching grass. Then they see an old car and it wakes them up and they think "Whoa! What is that?"

I think that Falcons in particular trigger chains of pleasant memories in people when they see them. Their faces light up and they remember their father, or aunt, or riding in the back seat while going on vacations. "I learned to drive in one on those! It had a three-on-the-tree!" "We had one of those in '69. It was our first car." "My mother and father eloped in a 1963 convertible."

Have fun with that car, Steve. Go out and discover America! The road is calling you! Keep us updated with all your adventures.

04-19-2014, 07:14 AM
Thanks Dennis, next trip is May 3rd I'm going out to cape Flaherty. It is the northern most point on the west coast. Going out with a group of fellow hot rodders. Hope the weather will be nice. :shift: