View Full Version : Ranchero Hard Tonneau Cover

don b
06-13-2014, 02:26 PM
I have had many questions on Hard bed covers for rancheros. Here is what I got from the guy that makes them. I have a number for him and will share, you can save on shipping if more then one is ordered.[yay]

Now just to specify the cover fits 1960-1965 Rancheros? YES.

The price per unit is? $1250.

Shipping cost of the unit? They have to build a shipping crate for $110. and just a guess but I would say something around $275. for the freight. They are too big to go UPS or FedEx so have to use Yellow Freight.

And lastly how slow is slow? He can take a month, sometimes more. But I have seen him get one done in a week.

I am constantly asked at car shows and even on the street where I got it. I am not trying to profit from this, just trying to help some Ranchero guys.

**I am planning a road trip to Oregon/Washington later this summer. If I had some people who wanted covers I could
drive my Ranchero and bring them up, saving the freight.