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07-05-2014, 03:13 PM
I thought that this was pretty cool. The 1963 260 V-8 cars came with an automatic choke and had a little blanking plate to cover the manual choke that came with the six cylinder motors. But my V-8 car car had a knob in the choke position. (The picture shows a knob in the choke location and an MP3 payer plugged into the regular cigarette lighter socket.)


When I first saw it I wondered if the car had might have originally been a six cylinder, but ... the left-side knob was an additional cigarette lighter! My car has two cigarette lighters, his and hers. I wonder if that might have been a dealer-suggested option back in the day, or if it was something that a past owner had come up with on his own. Either way, it was a clever option to add in place of an otherwise useless choke blanking plate.

Jeff W
07-06-2014, 07:25 AM
I have never seen a cigar lighter in the choke position. Wouldn't want to drop that on my bare leg:WHATTHE:

07-07-2014, 10:06 AM
My guess is if this were a dealer installed item, the lighter would be a factory Ford lighter, like the original was. Your looks to be different "his" and "hers" so I'd look at the internal construction and the lighter itself and see if they are identical (the knob screws on, so could have been swapped for some reason). If it's not a factory looking part, like the one on the right - I'd say it was user installed.

Previous owner must have smoked a lot... "Honey, you done with that lighter yet? I'm dying to get mine lit." :NERVOUS:

For what it's worth, the early round-body factory Falcon dashes all seem to say Choke even when it wasn't installed. The Comet deleted even the word, which might have indicated that all Comets back then had an automatic choke, being the luxury (Mercury) version of the Falcon. I tried to find evidence of this to the contrary, but every Comet dash I see online had no word "Choke" on the cluster. Falcons did, even if they had the choke delete plate.