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09-02-2014, 08:48 AM
Howdy folks, My name is Mike and I recently acquired a pretty original 64' sprint convertible 4-speed in its original guardsman's blue paint , and are in the process of updating some of its" 50 year old " worned parts , but we have it driving daily to keep its old soul invigorated . I 've owned several mustangs in the past , a 67 cougar 289 4-speed XR-7, and one 65 falcon w/ a 302 after high school. The Falcon will be a restoring project w/ my Son for quality time and a renewed sense of what " OLD SCHOOL " cool was and is . Hoping to connect w/ other Falconeers for info and advice for tuning , parts and restoration advice . Hope the Mustang Mike will not be deterrent , as I'm equally proud of my fastback , we all know the Stang was born from the bones (rib) of the Falcon .
" Tire ashes to Tire ashes , long live the clutch and shifter !!!! :3g:

09-02-2014, 03:24 PM
Welcome M**$+%g Mike!


Be sure to post some pics. We like pics.

Also, be sure to offer up a little idea of what neck of the woods you're in so we know whether to offer to come help you or have you drive on down - only to find out you're in Texas somewhere. We welcome everyone to participate and post - even though we're an extension of the Rainier Chapter of the FCA here is Washington State. We have a member all the way in Florida! Here's a little help with that.