View Full Version : Upholstery Opinions needed

10-02-2014, 09:57 PM
Working on the upholstery order...so our local Falcon Interiors guy has the set for the seats in the pictures below (the actual set is the one that is not installed.) The other pictures show the same color installed in a blue falcon. My falcon will be red with a white top. Supposedly this is original falcon upholstery. When I visited, I didn't see this set, but I saw other stuff and found the quality quite good. The quality seems better than the original stuff from my car which had a cloth inset which wore out quickly and the replacement stuff for that seems really flimsy. My car is NOT the deluxe model and it has the black steering wheel, but the interior is black. Inside of the doors is also black. I'll probably go with charcoal or black carpet. Any thoughts/votes on how this black and white would look in my red car with white top?

Also, note the pic of the door panels- I'm not a fan of the foil- because nothing else on my car is deluxe...but he says he can replace that foil with matching white vinyl. Any thoughts? I'm having a bit of a hard time visualizing this in a red car with black interior.