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10-15-2014, 09:29 AM
The following message came through my email from Al Aiello, FCA Pacific Region Director, so I thought it worthy to pass along. We can discuss the contents in the upcoming meeting in November:


The Golden Gate Chapter hosted the 24th Annual Pacific Regional this past weekend in Redwood City, California. The show was held on Main Street in Redwood City. There were live bands and the Falcons/Comets looked great lined up on the street that was closed to public traffic during the event. The Golden Gate Chapter is congratulated for a job well done!

The Rainier Chapter hosted a Mini-Regional last month in Tacoma, Washington. The event was well attended and all of the reports that I received indicate it was a great show. The Rainier Chapter is also congratulated for a job well done!

These types of event don't happen without you and your members volunteering time and talents. Thank you for all that you do to make the Falcon Club of America what it is...a great club with great people!

Please contact me if your Chapter is interested in hosting the 25th FCA Pacific Regional next year. We would need to get it on the calendar, and I have information that I can send you to help plan the event.

While at the National Convention this past July, I was asked about the possibility of hosting a FCA National Convention in the Pacific Region in 2017. Hosting a National would be quite an undertaking, and would probably require a lead Chapter to host the event, and other Chapters helping as needed. If there is any interest by any Chapter(s) to host a National event, then please let me know.

Please talk to your members about the possibilities of hosting future FCA events.

Best Regards,

Al Aiello
FCA Pacific Region Director

10-15-2014, 06:20 PM

That would so totally rock!;:)

Might have to move to the seattle area by 2017...:ROTFLMAO: