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12-10-2014, 09:49 PM
I typed "Falcon" under photographic images on e-bay and saw these.

I love family vacation photos with Falcons. The basic four-door sedan is what most people drove, but that is the model that you are least likely see at a car show.


Here is the same family. It looks like they are going to church in their new Falcon. I like the daughter's pill box hat. She looks genuinely happy. Her little brother has the same hair cut as his Dad and he is also wearing trousers, a belt, and a sports shirt just like his Dad, but he has his collar buttoned at the top button. You can tell that they are really proud of their Falcon by the way that they include it in their family photos.

Think about this: She was driving a car without power steering or brakes and probably no air conditioning. Americans were built of sterner stuff back then.

This is a nice photo:

That would attract a lot of attention at a car show. The hood scoop from a 1962 or 1963 Falcon is peaking out.

These are some sharp looking Argentinian police Falcons:

12-10-2014, 10:48 PM
Thanks for sharing Dennis...I love to see true old pics of falcons- especially the 61 four door (funny thing...it will not let me type it ford or without separating ford and or even if I put quotes around it).
I notice the mirror...way up front on the fender. Mine was also up front on the fender...not that far, but it was totally useless there. I wonder if it was a style thing....also notice- no radio antenna. That proves there's still a more basic falcon than mine! Hard to believe.
Mine steers really easily without power steering...I think it's when all the other stuff came along (like V8's & AC) that maybe one thing led to another and power steering became more essential.
Oh...that kid's haircut was just like mine when I was that age....

12-11-2014, 12:37 AM
Great photos! Here's one from 1970 of my mom's sister with her Falcon. She said despite the fender damage she would go out and wash it every weekend she could.

Jeff W
12-27-2014, 01:20 PM
Here is an old one

12-27-2014, 01:51 PM
Here is an old one

He's racing a Corvette!

Jeff W
06-26-2015, 08:37 PM
I'll add these to the Falcon Photos Thread...

Saw this racer last Sunday on I-5 South of Portland. We were on our way to the Redwood National Park and Crater Lake.

Estimated 12.10 time for the 1/4 mile is 112.6MPH