View Full Version : Mini regional prizes and bags.

01-27-2015, 04:20 PM
Mini regional goody bags and prizes.

Well I guess I'm heading up this portion of the mini again so I'm ready for any comments suggestions or if you have something for the goody bags or raffle let me know. I think I can lean on Don and his wife too since I think they will be running the prize raffle at the event.

Couple ideas I have already are: I have a spare rim and mounting braket from one of my rancheros I think I will powder coat and donate? (What color) also I have a set of stock wheels that I think I will clean up and donate. (Color again)

Last year summit gave us a ton of bags and stickers which I. Sure I will get again this year unless someone has a better plan.
I'm going to plan on 100 bags this year as we ran out last year at 50. So keep you eyes out for trinkettes shops that may want business cards in the bags, pens, little flashlights etcetera.
Ok Mark set go lets make this one even better than last year!!