View Full Version : Steering Wheel Spot-On!

04-19-2015, 06:52 PM
I have fixed (knock on wood) all the major things and am now able to fix the little things that are probably completely unnecessary.

When driving in a straight line I could see that my steering wheel was turned just a little to the left. It was not a big deal and most people would probably not even notice. But it annoyed me a just a little bit. I had removed and reattached the steering wheel a couple of times before and ended up with the steering wheel being tilted opposite from where it had been before, or maybe a little less tilted, but still tilted one way or the other.

I finally fixed it today.

You may laugh and snicker, you may roll your eyes and your jaw may drop in disbelief, but I had to remove the steering wheel EIGHT TIMES before I got it correct. It would only take maybe five minutes to remove the wheel each time, but then I would test drive it and see that I had over-corrected, or did not re-correct enough, or that I had over-corrected in the other direction, etc., etc. etc.

Steering wheel puller:

But then it finally ended up perfectly straight. I drove up the center lane of a straight highway and the center spoke of the steering wheel was aligned vertically with no degree of tilt to either left or right. My Falcon is a precision instrument!

04-19-2015, 09:38 PM
Never even thought about laughing. Just sounds like you are doing everything the right way. Keep it going and thanks for sharing with us. Larry