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06-14-2015, 10:44 AM
My 1960 with the 3 spd when under a left turn or acceleration the driveline hits and rubs the floor board. I put a new cantilever bushing in still rubs. Then I noticed a possible missing piece. Is there suppose to be a more solid metal mount with a bend in it that mounts over the bushing so the cantilever then gushing then the solid metal mount? Where can I find this part?

1960 Ford Falcon 144ci 3spd Tudor
1970 Ford Bronco 302 C4
1973 Ford F250 4x4 360 4spd

06-15-2015, 10:27 AM

Our friend down yonder (well, Florida, anyway) Dennis recently posted a bunch of pictures from some work he was doing on his '63. His is a V8 model, but the pictures apply - I think. I know other 1960 things were unique, but hopefully not the transmission and drive-line bits. It may help you zero-in on what you may be missing.

Here's the link to his thread:


I would also verify the shape of the tunnel. Over the years it isn't that uncommon for people to have massaged the floor with big hammers to put in bucket seats or fix a rust-out in the floor. My Ranchero had a tunnel about half the size of the original and I had to redo it all. Make sure it just isn't something that simple.

I know I have probably 5 sets of all of these transmission bracket parts - including the metal hangers. Most are used parts, but if you come up with something missing you can point to in the drawing Dennis provided, I might be able to help you with that.

06-15-2015, 11:18 AM
Thank you I need the piece 68066
If you have an extra I would like to purchase it.

06-15-2015, 12:23 PM
Though I think I have one - that is used only on a V8 car. The 6 cyl car didn't need this and if used may actually work against you. It was added to compensate for the added engine and transmission weight and higher torque a V8 car has. It may hold the tail-shaft up higher and add to rubbing.

Pretty much everything in the rear mount, as it wears, moves the drive-line down and further away from the tunnel. There should be lots of clearance between the driveline and tunnel - especially with the 6'r driveline, which is puny compared to the V8.

Where exactly do you see it making "marks" as it rubs? The driveline will burnish the areas it is hitting. You can use these marks as the place to give it a swift hit with the ball peen hammer to clearance it.