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Senior citizen
08-19-2007, 12:33 PM
My name is Dan and I am a senior citizen. I have a 64 Ranchero that I bought last year because it reminded me of the new one I had in 64. I drove it to high school and the job I worked seven days a week to pay for it. $1700 was a ton of money for a sixteen year old kid. But it caught the eye of the girl that is now my wife (38 years). I am looking forward to going through it and really making it my own. I met Roger Moore at the all ford show in Kent Saturday and am looking forward to meeting many more of you.
Dan Parris

08-19-2007, 05:37 PM
Hi Dan,

Welcome to the group. There must be something about Falcons that attract women. I met my wife (only 6+ years) because she saw me in my `62 and felt compelled to come talk to me. They're real wife magnets!!! Maybe we need to come up with some way to let the ladies know that the driver is already taken??

I hope to meet you someday although I've been really slack about the car shows this year. My parents will be visiting and we plan on going to the All Ford Show at the XXX Root Beer in Issaquah on 9/16.

Again, we're glad to have you on board and feel free to chime in whenever you can.