View Full Version : What is different about the 1960?

06-15-2015, 06:54 PM
Looking in catalogs often times things are listed 60-65 or 61-62 then 63 then 64-65. Is the 60 different than the 61-62 models ?

06-16-2015, 09:13 AM
I've never had a '60, but have known others who did and all explain there were unique parts on the '60. Generally that's true with any run of cars - the first year is unique. This is true with Falcon, Mustang, F-series trucks, etc.

By 62 the Falcon held many of the same parts through the 65 model year - though differences existed still between the 6-cyl cars and 8-cyl cars in regard to suspension and drive-train. And hard-tops added another level of differentness. I think most of the parts change occurred from 60 to 61 and had to do mostly with accessories and interior trim pieces, and electrical improvements, though I've not found much you couldn't convert to the newer style of part if all associated parts were replaced as well.

Keep in mind also that the Falcon was the test-mule for changes leading up to making a Mustang from it, so Ford did a lot of wacky things; like, one-year-only front suspensions in 1963/64. It reverted back to the earlier design by the 65 model year. All this is basically good for us because so many Mustang parts will fit a Falcon - if you know what they are. And they are often cheaper just because you are getting from a different vendor.