View Full Version : Tach, Vacuum, recurving DSII

11-10-2015, 06:46 PM
Well, my stock 64 Falcon 170 with Autolite carb w/manual choke, and Ford-O-Matic tranny has intermittent spells where it stalls out upon acceleration. After a long process of replacing or verifying all electrical, compression, exhaust, and fuel system related stuff, including two new (rebuilt) dizzys, and two new (rebuilt) carbs, I've come to the conclusion by process of elimination that the issue might/must be vacuum related. Therefore, I thought this would be a good time to bite the bullet and put in a new DSII, and replacement carb. Will at CI still had those in stock, and gave me a good price. The carb is one of their universal replacement units for the Autolite, without the Spark Control Valve. This carb/dizzy combo should, in theory anyway, get me all the advantages of electronic ignition, mechanical advance, and a brand new carb that will hopefully give a consistent vacuum signal.
BTW, in the course of all that, I've also put in a new timing chain/gear set, harmonic balancer, and SS headers. (Some of you coached me through that - thanks to everyone for the encouragement - thats all sorted now!)
All that, of course, leads to questions of how to set timing, spark advance, and recurve the DSII. The more I read about that, it seems for best results, you really need a vacuum gauge and tach in order to short cut the process. Which, at long last leads me to my question for all you learned folks at Ranier: Is there a tach that will work with the DSII with the old 2-speed auto tranny? The vacuum gauge theoretically should be straightforward...I think :) Although, regarding the vacuum, I'm not sure whether this carb offers manifold or ported - will look into that.
Thanks for any advice you can offer.