View Full Version : FREE Falcon parts collection

11-24-2015, 03:22 AM
Reproductions are fine but they will never be manufacturing parts back during the 1960's again.

Moving in one week, please take the entire collection, time is of the essence, best to call (phone does NOT text) until 10 pm: Two zero six, four one four, one nine five seven.

I have a factory chrome air cleaner for a 170 inline six in decent shape, maybe eighty percent condition.

Two equalizer bars for '63 and earlier, not sure if it's for six or eight cylinder but I know they did not fit my '64 with the i6.

A wiring harness for a '65, original, not sure if it's usable.

An instrument cluster for a '65 in nice shape.

A headlight switch for a '65.

One 14 inch four lug factory Falcon wheel.

Lots of little bits, I stripped a '65 to the bone years ago to build one of my cars, these are the leftovers.

One headlight bucket from a '62, I'll have to check which side.

Fairly nice door panels for a '64 standard base Falcon, medium blue, not really warped and no major tears, maybe no tears at all.

Probably more in my storage bin but that's some of the bigger stuff.

Oh, other than the grill which is on craigs I have no photos and nor is my computer working properly so I cannot load any photos.