View Full Version : Anyone have a dismantled 64/65 Falcon. I need to check brake master fit

11-26-2015, 03:58 PM
Does anyone have a sixty four or five Falcon that is being restored or has the brake master cylinder removed?

I need to check the fit of a brake master cylinder I bought before I remove the one on my car. I bought a Cobra Automotive lightweight alloy brake master and it is noticeably bulkier, longer, and taller than the steel dual reservoir replacement master, so I'm not sure it is going to fit and don't want to take apart my set up unless I'm sure it will fit.

The main issue will be the shock tower brace.

So if you have that year Falcon, and you are okay with allow me to just hold my alloy brake reservoir in place to check the fit, I'd be appreciate.

I live in Lake City near Northgate Mall and I can travel within a half hour or so do do so.