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11-30-2015, 05:15 AM
Hello to all Falcon owners; it's nice to know there's a local group of enthusiasts. I look forward to talking to you and sharing experiences & ideas.

Early this year I bought a '65 Ranchero Deluxe, a factory 289 4 speed car. Over the summer I've done a lot of work on it, including new front suspension, disc brakes & brake lines, new fuel tank, new exhaust, and added subframe connectors. It's a blast to drive! Here's a few photos:

11-30-2015, 08:42 AM
Welcome to the club beerbelly!
Any more plans? We looking forward to seeing your progress.

11-30-2015, 08:57 AM
I'm pretty much out of funds for projects this year. Next year will be a new windshield & seal, headliner and door panels.

Still waffling about wheels- Torque Thrusts & Cragars are popular, but I'm leaning toward Rocket Igniters. What are some of the wheels you guys run?

11-30-2015, 11:26 AM
Welcome. Nice looking car. Congrats. You've piqued my interest (ears sticking WAY up). Where did you find a new fuel tank?

11-30-2015, 04:02 PM
Welcome Mr. Belly!

Welcome. I take it from the Oregon plates you are in Oregon? Or did you get it in Oregon and are more local to the Seattle-ish area? There is a Columbia River chapter of the FCA as well, but we cater to the rest of Washington and parts of Florida, Greece, Australia... :D

Nice looking 'chero. A lot of nice add-ons. Like Gene (Smithkid) my interest was piqued with the mention of a new gas tank, since we've both got '65's using the same tank type - though I have a '65 wagon and he's got a '65 Ranchero like yours. Maybe it was a 'new to you' tank, but not new-new?

I just did sub-frame connectors on my '63 Ranchero - made a lot of difference to stiffness. Mine was a 6-cyl car to start, so was probably more noticeable than it might be for a real V8 car with torque boxes. But it changed the car a lot. Was amazed.

Looking forward to seeing more of your car.

Have you looked under the bed cover yet? :NERVOUS:

11-30-2015, 05:45 PM
Hi Luva65wagon. Yes, I'm in NW Oregon, and yes, I've looked under the bed cover. It was in good shape, no rust, but I sealed the seams & sprayed it with undercoating for peace of mind.

The gas tank is a brand new 20 gallon, specific to '65 Rancheros, wagons & sedan deliveries. It came from Falconparts.com, a really great source for parts, and based on the West Coast so delivery times are quick. Here's a link to the tank- I couldn't find a better price:


I also have my old tank for sale for $100. In very nice shape on the outside, but rusty inside. Includes a new lock ring & gasket, and I have a shipping box if it needs to be shipped.

The subframe connectors transformed this car; after disc brakes, the best money I've spent. No more squeaks & groans, and it corners much better.

11-30-2015, 06:26 PM
Thanks for the link, Beerbelly. The last time I looked, there were no new tanks available (at least, I didn't find any). I've been limping along with my original tank, though it has an abundance of dirt/rust/crud that seems to have the ability to pass through my filters (I now have two) and into the float bowl to cause me problems now and then. I now have the new tank added to my list of "wantas". The list already included sub-frame connectors after hearing Roger's (Luva65Wagon) recent report about his Ranchero. Seems like the list only gets added to with $$$ beside the items. :eek:

12-01-2015, 12:31 PM
Ron @ FalconParts.com must have had this tank commissioned, or they are now generally available. It's been a couple years since Gene and I lamented over these not being available anywhere. That was about the time I put a new tank into my Ranchero.

My wagon doesn't seem to spit up any crud from the tank and as-such I've never peered inside it, but I know Gene needs to give Santa some $$$ so he can get one. Price seems reasonable if shipping didn't go through the roof. What, if we can ask, did it cost you all-tolled to get the tank?

12-01-2015, 03:41 PM
The tank was $250.95, plus $35.95 oversize shipping to Oregon. Much better the the $349 prices I've seen for the tank only on ebay.

It's an ACP brand; here's a photo of the label: