View Full Version : 1962 Falcon 2 door project + TCI front end

12-14-2015, 10:40 PM
I really don't want to sell the car, but we're moving to Michigan next year and we need to finish the house before we can move, and I will not have time to work on the car :(

So I need to either:

1. Hire someone to get some work done on the car.

2. Find a new home for the car :(

The car is not worth much, but I did just buy a new TCI front end kit with disk brakes, rack and pinion etc. not yet installed. That kit was $2500.

I'm not looking to get "Top Dollar" for the car, I really just need to find it a good home, or find the right person to hire some work done.

The front end of the car has been taken apart and prepped for the front end install.