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12-31-2015, 07:38 PM
I think I have an itch for a different classic car and am thinking about putting my bird up for sale. I dare not post how much I have invested into her cause I would for sure faint at the total dollar amount spent but what can you do when you love a project) but I will say that I am unsure how much to ask. I know I will not get what I put into her but also am not interested any any low ballers.

My story is a long one which you can read in my older posts so I will skip to the details. More than anything I wanted to know if there are any members that may be interested and or if you guys can give me some level headed advise as to how much I should expect to get for my car. I will be taking pictures tomorrow if it doesn't rain and I will post them shortly thereafter.

It is a 1964 Falcon Futura convertible, 170 cid, Ford-O-matic 2 speed transmission. Rear end was rebuilt, she sports front disc brakes and a power booster. Brand new 3 core radiator with an electric cooling fan, new flaming river tilt wheel steering column, clifford headers to dual exhaust, chrome alternator, new voltage regulator, new fuel pump, recent oil change and filter, new mechanical gas pump, new gas tank, new feel lines, new brake lines, custom 14" slot mags, new BF Goodrich tires all around. The engine is stock and the compression for each cylinder tested around 170. The transmission shifts nice and smooth without any hesitation. The fact that it has headers gives it a throaty V8 rumble.

The engine compartment was painted in a gloss black while the exterior of the car was painted in a 1984 Porsche Guards Red. This was a full rotisserie job given it was an original Boston car you can imagine how much time was spent properly replacing floor panels and every other inch of metal that looked like it may think about rusting sometime in the future. Since the car is a convertible there were some panels that were unavailable so a lot of fabrication took place to make sure the car is correct in all aspects. The structure is so strong that you could put tubs and turn this into a gasser with no concerns. The pictures will tell the story when you see them.

The body of the car was very clean before we started the restoration and we did not find any bonds on her. She was taken down to bare metal before premiering and blocking all the panels. The doors, trunk, fenders, hood and top were removed during this process. All bright trim including bumpers were left intact since no repair was warranted.

The interior of the car was redone in a marine grade supple white vinyl with vintage red fabric pattern from a 1954 Chrysler New Yorker. The dash board was also recovered with in black marine grade vinyl with french stitching along the front edge. The carpet is black loop from Dearborn Classics. The dash has the premium dash bezels which were re-chromed, the instrument panel was set up with a white background and replaced all the dash lights with Green LED lights to improve the look and improve brightness at night. The front doors were set up with Power Windows and the rear windows are still the crank style. The channels, felts and rubbers were changed for every windows including the windshield. The top was replaced with a black canvas top with a zip plastic window. The gas filler was relocated inside of the trunk for easier fill ups. All weatherstrip was replaced using Steel Rubber weatherstripping. The original AM Radio is mounted but is not connected. I don't have a radio installed nor have any speakers been set up anywhere in the car. Also the heather blower motor is disconnected and most likely should be replaced as we had an issue when putting the car back together and forgot to replace it.

I have a ton of pictures, this has been a 4+ year project so please let me know if there is any interest and or if you can give me some guidance as to what is a reasonable price to ask for my bird.

thanks guys

01-01-2016, 05:49 PM
Here are a couple more pictures from my phone.

01-05-2016, 05:18 PM
Maybe you got an itch'n for a tudor wagon?


That's a sweet convertible.

01-05-2016, 07:36 PM
Thank you for the compliment.
I love wagons and when I first started out looking for a project I was torn between a Ranchero or a Wagon as we needed a car we could haul our retrievers with and then I came across my bird. Then everything changed. I think I am looking for a different type of convertible bird like a 66 T-bird, Sunbeam Tiger or a Cobra. While I am not sure yet what I will get next I am also running out of room as I'm on the along road to redoing a 69 Skylark (working on year 4 now). In either case. I would like this bird to go to someone who will enjoy her as much as I have. What do you think is an average "fair" price to ask?