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01-01-2016, 02:14 AM
Happy New Year fellow forum members! I rang in the new year rebuilding my single barrel Carter YFA but had to stop short due to a problem.

The accelerator pump housing is badly pitted, very badly pitted, it's junk. The area in the bowl where the rubber gasket from the accelerator pump fits is also so so.

I thought I'd get on here for suggestions.

I already looked on ebay, nobody has that accelerator pump housing.

What would you do in my shoes?

Find a used carb and cannibalize it?

Buy a new carb? Ebay has new ones but I'm sure they are made in China and I'd rather my original Made in USA Carter unit.

Maybe one of you has a single barrel Carter carb from a 200 cubic inch inline six laying around?

The number on my "Made by Carter for Motorcraft" carb is YF 6384S 50.

I call Mike's Carb and see if they have a pump housing, and they definitely do not have the entire carb for sale.

Anyway, just thought I'd get on this forum and see what kind of suggestions you may have. Again, Happy New Year and be safe! Thank you. :BIRTHDAY:

01-05-2016, 01:23 PM

I may have one or two of these in my bin o' parts. I did a quick Google of this carb and it may be what I used to have on the wagon. It is way buried in my loft, but will try to get up there soon.

01-09-2016, 08:41 PM
Hi, I have not been to this site in over a week. Thanks for the reply.

Not sure what I will be doing yet but here is the story:

I bought a NOS Ford remanufactured carb off ebay and it may or may not work out. It does not fit but that's a long story too.

A highly experienced mechanic friend of mine suggested I use JB Weld to fix the pitted housing and use it and I have the second coat of JB Weld drying on it now.

On the other hand, if you have the part and it's not pitted, it would be smarter to use that one I guess. Lemme take some pics of my part so you can see if it looks like yours.

The thing is, I believe the carb I had on my 200 cubic inch six is actually a carb from a 250 cubic inch six.

The motor must be a 200 ci six because it is mated to a peanut three speed trans, and the big 250 ONLY mated to the big top loader trans.

That Ford Performance book does recommend the carb from a 250 as a performance upgrade AND I've always thought this car was rather fast for a 200 and now I know why, I'm pretty sure it's the carb from the bigger motor.

I added a photo of the entire carb as well, if that helps.

01-10-2016, 03:52 AM
Since my last reply, the car was sorted out. Let me see if I can make a long story short. The carb on the car had severe pitting issues with that accel. pump housing, so I found a carb on ebay, a factory remanufactured carb that is NOS (new old stock), rebuilt in 1977 according to the date on the original box.

When I went to bolt it on, it did not fit. So we removed the throttle body from my old carb and installed it on the NOS reman. carb and I then bolted that on and it ran very poorly. I worked with it for some time but could not get it to run. My buddy who used to rebuild carbs for a living spent five minutes with it and it's running like a charm.

This is what I figured out about a week ago, the carb. that came with the motor when I bought it was an UPGRADE, it is off a 250 ci inline six, and the carb I bought on ebay, the NOS reman. is also a 250 carb, which it say on the ebay listing.

My Scheldal Ford Performance book states that you can bolt the 250 carb to a 200 and get a performance increase, but it isn't not a bolt on. What they did was ream out the holes on the throttle body, elongate them and then it fit and that is how I got the motor and carb, never suspecting that it was a carb for a 250 motor.

One thing I always did know, this Falcon was the faster of my two Falcons, both with the 200 ci motor and three speed manual trans. Gearing, overall, was the same, yet this car really ripped by comparison, it just pulls and pulls and I always thought it was because it was the lighter of the two cars with the four lug drums up front and the much MUCH LIGHTER peanut transmission, the other car has the massive top loader three speed trans.

Now I know what it's faster, it's got that higher flowing carb., at least that is my guess. I would not call the car "fast" but it is NOT slow and it is geared high.

The fast Falcon has 3.0:1 gearing but WITH MASSIVE 225/75-14 tires and the slower Falcon has 2.79:1 gearing but with smaller 215/70-14 tires and when I did the calculations (google provides the formula) I found that the cars were essentially equal in the gearing department yet the one Falcon was definitely faster.

I think it's the carb for the 250 ci motor providing that kick in the pants, and it also explains was it was never as fuel efficient as the other Falcon.

So that's the story as of tonight.

Unless it is some other factor in play, and it could be, this wasn't a scientific experiment, I could be wrong, but if I had to guess, I would guess that installing a carb from a 250 ci motor onto a 200 ci motor provides a very nice increase in acceleration.

I would put a bigger carb on my other Falcon but that car used to return 29 mpg, yes twenty nine mpg as tested driving from Seattle to Utah. Mileage diminished over the years but we rebuilt the carb on that one this past summer and now I just put $5 to $10 bucks of gas in it and forget about it, and drive and drive and drive and don't worry about economy but it goes a long way on five bucks, something I could NEVER do with my V8 Falcon but that car needs work too.

Anyway, that's my story.

Oh, and because the car is running well now AND because I installed a Ford Granada anti-sway bar on it a couple weeks ago I was able to drive the car hard today and that quick steer kit I installed? HOLY TOLEDO WHAT A HOOT IT IS TO DRIVE THIS CAR!!!

With the heavy duty anti-sway bar it corners like it's on rails, and with the quick steer kit you it seems like you just "think it" and you've turned the car. It is remarkable, I MUST change my other Falcon but due to it having the early steering that will be a huge job requiring a '65 steering box.

Anyway, the quick steer kit was well worth the money and effort and the money was nothing, it only costs maybe $50-$75 more than the regular steering components. WELL WORTH IT.