View Full Version : Used '65 C-code Ranchero parts for sale

04-11-2016, 04:47 PM
All came from a running & driving, original-to-car 289:

Stock 2 bbl carb & manifold: $50
Timing cover for early aluminum water pump, with new seals & pump gasket: $100
Harmonic balancer, 3 bolt, 28 oz., with new woodruff keys: $15
Timing chain set, not sloppy: $15
Beat up T-10 4 speed shift handle, works perfectly: $30
Glove box door for Deluxe dash, with latch & cable (no plastic trim): $30
20 gal. gas tank, no leaks, but rusty inside. Includes new lock ring & gasket: $100

I can ship anything, but the carb/manifold or gas tank will probably cost a bunch. I can deliver free within 30 miles of Portland OR.

I have a Paypal account.