View Full Version : 1964 Finished Trunk Question

06-27-2016, 07:04 PM
So my restoration is now complete and even though there are small things to do on the car, I know that 98% of her is done. Recently I installed a Retrosound Radio without the need to have to cut my deluxe dash bezel. I went with the model named "Redondo RS" and it looks and sounds great with a pair of alpine speakers in the kick panels. I always thought "no radios till all the rattles are tended to" so here I am.

Now on to my question, my falcon is not a trailer queen by a long shot because I want to enjoy her but by the same token I have always admired those classic cars that have a beautiful finished trunk. I know they are usually on every trailer queen car I've seen at every car show but I really want to do mine up so it matches my interior. I've found a couple places that sell you kits to panel up the trunks for Mustangs but no one has them for Falcons. So my question is, how different is a Mustang truck compared to a Falcon trunk?

Any suggestions?

06-28-2016, 08:12 AM
Like the saying goes... 'they're the same, but different.'

You'll need to do something custom on a Falcon. Peruse Badbird's thread on his car for an idea. Probably over-kill for what you want, but still nice to consider. And you could make it the same, but different.