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08-23-2016, 08:59 PM
Evening guys and gals,

I have the opportunity to buy a running 1986 302 with Aod from a mercury cougar that has a 137,000 miles on it.
Complete engine and transmission with wiring harness and computer.

Price $100..

Pretty much a no brainer for me.. But I have questions..

Should i attempt to run fuel injection or make it look period correct? I have the tins to make it look correct. Would require buying intake, carburetor and other odds and ends.

My plan would to clean it and re-ring it unless it absolutely needs a bore over.
I'd also cam swap it and mill the heads and block during re-ring to boost compression some.

Thinking of installing this in the squire wagon. Not looking to build high horsepower. But more of a torque motor to better pull a travel trailer.

So input on cam choices. Engine is supposed to be roller block.

Shasta is gone.. went a little smaller with a nicer floor plan.

08-24-2016, 07:15 AM
Nathan, an 86 would be a speed density motor. That's the same motor I'm running in my delivery.
You can not cam that motor if you want to keep the EFI the computer on these motors do not like changes. You would have to upgrade it to a mass air system and get a new computer as these early ones are not re-programmable. If you want to boost your power with a cam and what not you will need to go carb route to do it with out too much expense.
Now that said for $100 I'd expect it's already in your garage.
The AOD is nice I love the extra gear, I'm getting about 25mpg with mine now and she scoots. The only draw back to an AOD is the way the gears are selected. Low is low, drive is actually second and third, then OD is OD. So you can't hold second gear unless you get the AOD delete switch kit from Art Carr. It replaces the valve body and gives you a switch so it will shift more like the later model overdrive tranys.
I think it would be a great package for your wagon, just figure out which way you want to run it. Nice score! :3g:

08-24-2016, 03:14 PM

Did you change yours over to MAF system?

I'm not sure if im keeping the fuel injection or not.

The swap to maf from sd is larger injectors, larger throttle body, computer and wiring harness correct?