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10-06-2016, 12:47 AM
Hey Team Falcon!

I took my bird down to Oregon last week and got to work on it in a real shop. I was able to help my brother swap a different t5 into his 62 fairlane, and do some mods on his car mostly to the exhaust. And we get lots of help from him and my father on my bird. I had a great time wrenching with them and really really appreciated my Dads lift. Man I need one of those. It was also really nice to have someone around to hand you tools, hold the light or hit their head on the lift just like you do.

I fouled a plug 2x on my ~450 Mile road trip down, so we replaced valve stem seals in this 200 ci. That was kind of a pain in the rear, and the tool to perform it cost about 2x what the valve stem seals cost, but I think it really helped. I didn't feel it missing at all on the way back up but that may be in part to the other upgrades I did as well, we will see when I pull the plugs soon.

We took out about 6 rusty half functional c clamps from my exhaust and welded up the pipes that those were holding together. Put up a couple functional hangers, and We cut about a 2.5 foot section out of the exhaust that bent in a U about 8 inches wide toward the passenger side of the car for no apparent reason.

I put on my pertronics points replacement and a flamethrower coil as well.

We fixed my Janky shift linkage to my c-4 tranny, I may still need to adjust it, its difficult to put in Park, and I may need to remove the shift dog in the column. A funny bit is that when its in neutral now the backup lights are on, HAH!

And we messed with this little 1 barrel carb I have. I've tinkered with this darn thing for about the last time. Whats the best replacement for that? I almost pulled the trigger for a 32/36 dgv but I was reading I might have to get a different distributor if I do that? Would my pertronics setup still work with that?

If the weber isnt the way to go what else works?
I am seriously done with this little autolight POS.

We replaced a wheel cylinder, had the drums turned, new shoes on the front on both sides even though they were pretty much new, but the drivers was saturated from that leaking wheel cyl. Also while we were in there, the previous owner had put the shoes on the wrong side they are different lengths and I believe the short side was to the back! It was a good catch since I would have just put them on the way they came off. The back drums looked great, we just adjusted them up.

So now the thing stops so much better. Next step is to replace the master cyl. Not sure which way I will be going with that yet.

I also put in 3 seatbelts in the back seat. It never had any!

Here are some pics:

My White Falcon, My fathers 56 Sedan delivery, My brothers 62 Fairlane, My new seatbelts, A falcon van my Dad has. His 26 T hes building. My brothers xover pipe for his exhaust, and my chrome valve cover, guaranteed to leak, and give me 2 extra horsepower right?!

10-06-2016, 10:03 AM
Looks like loads of fun to me!

To comment on a couple things, what Autolite do you have? If it's an 1100, these are really pretty good carbs when built correctly. I did a Weber conversion, but am seriously considering going back to my Autolite. JUst seems very life-less now with it. It's a progressive 2-barrel and I think the main is either too small compared to my 1100, or it's jetted wrong. I read the plugs, and they seem OK, but it's just not the same since.

The main issues with the Autolites, and I've rebuilt about a dozen of them, is either how they warp to heck and don't seal up, or some of the vacuum ports begin leaking and need to be sealed up. I use a dab of JB Weld to fix the latter. It's especially bad on the cap covering the power valve.

As for needing a different distributor, should you swap to an aftermarket carb, or one without the spark control (looks like a power valve from a Holley screwed to the side of the carb - known as the Load-o-matic system)...


... you'll need to get a distributor with mechanical advance as well as vacuum advance. Yours may only have vacuum advance. Lacking that, your performance is going to suffer. If it's a newer 200, you can probably get a later distributor without the DuraSpark bits, and both vacuum and mechanical advance. Not sure, which year might have this, but I "think" they did away with the spark control a couple years before they started doing electronic ignition. A poke at the years of any car with a 200-6 on RockAuto from 66-up should help with that search.

Here's a great article speaking specifically about that in the "ignition section"

Anyway, throw up a picture of your carb for reference and check the distributor to see if someone hasn't already swapped the distributor to a late 60's version.

10-06-2016, 04:00 PM
That picture you posted is the same carb I have, I have had 3 so far, one that came on the car when I first got it, that leaked as I had too much fuel pressure, a remanned one that also leaked but in a different place when I had too much fuel pressure and a 3rd reman that leaked as well, and then I fixed the fuel pressure problem.

Its partially my linkage, but it doesnt seem to want to idle nicely all the time. and once you get going the bottom 1/4 of the pedal has snort and torque! the rest of the pedal does make you go faster but its sorta "meh"

vroom! mehhhhhhhhhh

Since I have no other experience with falcons I dont know if this is the way the engine should perform, and/or my expectations are too high or what. Having said that when this new c4 shifts when you have your foot into it, it does kick you in the shorts but I think thats just the torque of the l6 not the carb.

On my trip I ended up getting about 18 or 19 mpg which I think was pretty good.

10-07-2016, 01:38 PM
So all three have that external valve screwed into the side (arrow pointing to it in my image)? That controls spark advance curve.

These things are hard to find that don't leak either fuel or as a vacuum leak. I always look for them and buy them if they're cheap enough. Often takes two or three to make one good on.

10-07-2016, 04:53 PM
This is what mine looks like:

10-07-2016, 07:08 PM
My White Falcon, My fathers 56 Sedan delivery, My brothers 62 Fairlane, A falcon van my Dad has. His 26 T hes building. And my chrome valve cover, guaranteed to leak, and give me 2 extra horsepower right?! :)

Dang. That is quite an assembly of cars and I like every one of them. What are the little "feet" on your father's 1926 Model T? Your brother's black Fairlane looks really nice.

I am amazed at how narrow the inline 200 looks in your engine bay. The chrome valve cover looks nice.


10-07-2016, 07:26 PM
The feet are some silly magnets his buddy stuck on there I think, they say no step or something ;)