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12-22-2016, 06:43 PM
Hello Folks,

Not sure if you are all aware of this, but TFFN (The Ford Falcon News) Forum will be ceasing operations in December 2017.

Here is the announcement:

***As of 12-15-2017 TFFN goes away. Some may have noticed that I have removed the Donate buttons. That will be because I'll be pulling the wagon myself for this last year. Between my health going south and having to put up with Google's BS its that time. Of course there are other factors that brought me to this like having to stay on top of Russian hackers and spam bot accounts. This will have been 20 years of TFFN. - David T. Smith***

In subsequent posts, the owner and operator of the forum (David) has made it clear that it will not continue in any way, shape, or form after that date.

I mention this over here on Rainier Falcons since it may get busier here very quickly, as current TFFN members will be looking for other venues to exchange Falcon and Comet information. Also, as it appears uncertain how much of the TFFN forum archives will be available on the Internet, so if there are Falcon or Comet folks over here who think there may be valuable information in the TFFN that needs to be saved, now is the time to do your searches.

I do not have any opinions one way or another about David Smith, but I have been a supporter of TFFN for the last few years, and I will miss it, but I plan to transition over to my other Falcon hangouts: here, and Ford Muscle Forums:


For those of you unfamiliar with TFFN, here is a link to the forum:


Bill Pierce
12-22-2016, 07:11 PM
Yup, pretty sad. I have been a supporter the last few years. There is a wealth of information about to be lost.
I have to say David has done well and I don't blame him for wanting to hang it up.