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02-20-2017, 02:48 PM
Hi New to this site. Just traded for a 65 falcon sedan delivery. It has a late model 302 roller motor back dated with a carb. C6 trans and a 8 inch rear.

Ok now to my problem. It was a 6 cyl manual trans. It now has a B&M quicksilver shifter with the neutral safety switch mount it to the side of the shifter. Thought I could remove wire from the s terminal and splice it to one side of the switch and connect the other end to s term. did not work so I need some help. Thanks Chuck

02-20-2017, 10:58 PM

Technically the NSS does go between the S terminal at the IGN switch and the feed to the solenoid. There should, in fact, be a male/female connector set (red w/blue) under the dash just near where the two bundles of wires exit the firewall and they are connected with a manual transmission and get pulled apart and the NSS wiring inserted in-between with the automagic. This image shows what I'm referring to (it's a Mustang image, but same for Falcon). Trace wire 32.


The NSS is just a on/off switch like the ignition switch. So if the NSS is open (in gear), the IGN switch start position can't send 12V to the solenoid. Close the NSS (car in park/neutral) and the IGN switch in the start position send the 12 volts to the solenoid. So really, 3 switches in series. Ign switch closed, the NS switch closed, 12 volts gets to the solenoid (the third switch) and the starter gets 12 volts.

Hope this helps - and please share more about yourself and your new Sedan Delivery!