View Full Version : Falcon Road Trip to Sacramento

03-19-2017, 06:09 PM
We talked about this at the last meeting. This was mentioned in the "National Falcon News" magazine.
There is going to be a Falcon Migration 2017 starting in Maine and following hiway 2 all the way to Everett where they will then catch l-5 to Sacramento for the Falcon Nationals. I would like to meet them in Spokane and then go down to the Nationals. Sounds like fun.
I sent a message to the person listed as the Wagon Master, Mike Garrett. Here is what I sent and his response.

Mike, we in the Rainier Falcons saw the write up on the tour. I live in Everett in Washington and will be interested in meeting up with the tour in Spokane, coming back through Everett and traveling down to Sacramento. Some of our other members may also go along. Let us know when you can what dates I should meet you in Spokane, where and if you will be staying when you get to Everett. Larry Smith. Thanks

Thanks for the interest. The "aim" at this time is to arrive in Everett on July 10, stay overnight in the area and leave Tuesday the 11th in the AM heading for Sacramento. probably on I-5. As it shapes up I will "keep you in the loop"
Mike Garrett