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03-21-2017, 12:26 AM
As I rework Freddie's wiring I expected worse than I've found. But with anything this old there are going to be a few surprises and a few things to expect. I found this wire in the bundle running on the core support; between the voltage regulator and the alternator. It was ironically the ground wire and I could not see any evidence of an actual short to a source of power. Mystery.


As part of any wiring job you should pay attention to things like that and repair or replace the wire.

Another source for concern are the multiples of male and female bullet connectors. I thought I'd show a tool I make (over and over) to polish up the female bullet connectors, which due to being copper will be oxidized to solid black by now. Once this happens the resistance at these points will go way up and can, eventually cause a failure. The male connections are not prone to the oxidation you have in the female parts so you can get by with a stiff brass brush on those.

This is what you want those connections to look like:


I've made this tool using many little round sticks; like, bamboo skewers and wooden Q-tips. I tend to break those a couple times per project, but recently picked up some jewelers files and one, a small round file, the non-file end is the perfect size. You'll want to use about 220-360 grit paper (avoid any garnet style wood sandpaper) and cut a bunch of 1/2" by 3/4" pieces. Then cut a piece of masking tape about 1/2" by 1/2" to attach the sandpaper to the stick in the direction you prefer. You'll be rotating this, so the tape allows the paper to rotate with the stick.

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Hope this helps someone. If you have any tips or hints, this might be a good thread to add to on what you've done.