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12-19-2007, 12:08 PM
HI Everyone, I am Doug, I just bought a 1964 falcon sprint convertible. It is a project but is also a runner/driver. I am looking to build a mild performace fun summer cruiser. Currently the car is a 289 c4 auto, I will probably keep that basic set up but also like the idea of a newer injected 5.o with a 5 speed too. I am looking for several things right away and figure I might as well include my wish list in my first post. If any one has any thoughts on where ot get any of these items or on what I am doing or any suggestions I would love to hear them.
Parts I am looking for
Complete front spindles with disc brakes, Which car is the best for donar parts, IE bigger is better in my opinion when it comes to brakes

rear disc brakes, what options are there?

front bucket seats, would prefer stock, but in the mean time something that looks period correct would work till then

I need to replace the dual exhaust that is on the car now, it hangs down and it appears to prevent the bracket for the e brake relay lever from going on, I am guessing that I am best off going to a local muffler shop and having something made up, but open to suggestions. Also thinking that it would be a good time to add headers too, I know my stock manifolds are a very tight fit to the shock towers. Does anyone have a recomendation on header brand that fits well.

I also need a rt door, (is it convertible only?)

front fenders if the price is right, Mine could be fixed

left door glass

e brake handle assm and what ever goes from there to the cables under the car

I am missing the tach, not a must, but would be nice to have, any thoughts on the reproduction ones?

I need to replace the convertible top, anyone have a recomendation on what brand to buy for best quality and fit?
OK I think that is enough for now. I would also lov eto hear form any other falcon guys that are in the area, I live between Bothell and Mill Creek

12-19-2007, 12:51 PM
Welcome to the club.

Go to www.falconparts.com (http://www.falconparts.com) for starters. They are a good source for parts. Dearborn Classics is another good parts supplier but they are more expensive. They have a great catalog though. Have them send one to you.

You'll also want to order a shop manual.

Front Disk Brake Options:

Stock Granada 11" disks. Cheap and reliable but require five lug wheels.
Scarebird brake adapters. (www.scarebird.com (http://www.scarebird.com))
Get some 1970 Mustang spindles and use any of a large number of aftermarket brake kits from SSBC, Wilwood, Baer, and others.
Rear Disk Brakes:
Rear disks kist are easy to find or you can hunt the wrecking yards. The problem is that they are all made for the 8" or 9" rear with straight axle tubes. Yours is probably the tapered 8" if you have the original V8 rear. You would have to change the rear end out to a strain tube version.

You car came with single exhause with a crossover pipe to connect the left bank to the right under the oil pan. Someone must have changed that at some point. Headman shorty headers work well for a cruiser and are easy to install as headers go. Get the Elite version as thay are thicker and better built. A pair of turbo mufflers and a 64-66 Mustang tailpipe kit would be a nice setup. A local muffler shop can fab the rest. Add an X-pipe while you're at it.

Door glass:
It's flat so it can be made if you have all the hardware.

I'll get to the rest in a bit. This should keep you busy for a while.

12-21-2007, 03:50 PM
Welcome Doug!

Don't forget to check our "Resources" page at


Also, you should get on www.tffn.net (http://www.tffn.net) as there are a lot of great guys there and many years of archived topics so you can do a search and probably find answers to most of your questions.

Of course we're always glad to help when we can but it never hurts to have as many places to check as possible!