View Full Version : My highschool ride was a 61 Futura

04-27-2008, 03:31 AM
Hi all. My husband and I recently had the good fortune of getting
my highschool ride back. Once again, we are the proud owners
of a 1961 Futura. When I bought the car back in 83 it had @ 36000
original miles. It's up to 80000 now. We're wondering how many
stock 61's are left out there. Don't see many. Ours came out stock
with padded dash, carpet, bucket seats, console, two speed electric
wipers and the coveted 170 red special straight six. It is in
exceptional original, non restored condition. It's a white two door with all red interior. Would love to hear from others with similar or thoughts on what it might be worth. Would also like to find a straight front bumber and possibly a grill.

04-27-2008, 08:57 AM
If I read this correctly, you are saying you got back the exact same car? That's great! Your description is good, but we've got to see pictures!

04-27-2008, 10:35 AM
That's really cool to get the same car back almost 25 years later! Yes...pictures! Or better yet, make sure you bring it to a few shows if you live in the area. I always like to get a close-up look at stock cars. A `61 with that trim package would probably be pretty rare, and getting more rare. I have the 2-speed electric wiper on my `62 and am really glad for it. Especially around here. I've heard heading up a big hill with the vacuum wipers going almost brings them to a stop.

04-27-2008, 03:12 PM
Hello all! Thanks for reply's...We are stoked to have come accross
your web site. Unfortunately, we live in SD, so the chances of our
getting the land shark out there for a show are probably pretty
slim. (Darn the luck) We sure would like to see a Falcon show.
We are also not the most computer savvy people in the world,
but will make it a priority to get some pics posted. The proud mom
in me is dying to show off our baby. Yes, we have the exact same
car back that I bought in highschool. My brother was the driving
force in my buying the car back when. I drove it a couple of years
and then parked it when I bought a more suitable daily driver. It
wasn't too long before my brother wanted to buy it and thankfully
I sold it to him rather than to a complete stranger. He used it as a
daily driver for some time until someone backed into him at a stop
light and he parked it again. (No major damage, just hurt the heart,
I think!) I guess he has had it parked for several years now, and
finally decided that I needed to have it back. We towed it from
SLC, Utah to Rapid City, SD this past August. The Falcon God's
are with us!!! Our children now believe it is their car and it swells
our hearts to see how excited they are about it. Just some minor
carb work has it back on the road now, although we aren't driving
it much. Amazingly enough, the only damage it has sustained through
the years is to one front fender (replaced before i bought it and
obviously not stock) the front bumper/grill damage from the stop
light incident, and a small, maybe pingpong ball size dent below
the trunk lid. No rust or anything. The driver's seat needs to be
re-covered and there is a hole in the carpet where the driver's
right foot rests. Other than that....perfect original condition.
Doesn't even have cracks in the dash. Pretty fun. Thanks for
sharing in our excitement!!

04-28-2008, 12:16 PM
Great story..
I have a 61 futura as well.. I bought mine last Nov..
I thought that there was a falcon club in south dakota?
have you tried looking into the falcon club of America's web site and seeing if there's a club near you..

I just sold a perfectly straight 61 grill too.. darn it..


04-28-2008, 12:18 PM
great story and great luck
...your first car is like your first serious relationship:D

it will always have a soft spot[thumb]