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10-05-2008, 07:47 PM
Hey folks. How's everyone doing?

Been quite a while since I've posted over here, thought I would drop by with a couple updates.

I made some modifications to my 351W over the past winter and this summer, and we got it out to the track once (Bremerton) for testing a few weeks ago and nothing broke! That right there is a win for me!

Updates include another .010 on the bore, now +.040 for a 358", filled the block, custom dome pistons with vertical gas ports put us up to a little over 13:1, custom mechanical solid roller cam from Delta Cams in Tacoma, Vertex magneto, Howards lifters and rockers, eliminated the fuel cell from the trunk and put a 5 gallon Kinsler tank up front, had my injection system flowed, converted to alcohol, and got rid of that goofy electric fan that was in front of the radiator. Also got rid of the radiator and installed a smaller Scirroco style, and modified the front cover for use with an external electric Shogun water pump.

In testing the car showed it still isn't what I had hoped for but I am now convinced my heads are the limiting factor. Come springtime I will turn the tune up to the "Kill" position and see how it runs, then make a decision on replacing heads.

Here's a couple of recent pics.




BTW, I still have a couple of odds and ends of '68 Futura interior and trim parts if anyone needs them. Bench seats, side glass, stuff like that.


10-05-2008, 08:07 PM
Very nice Murff. Is there still racing going on this late in the year? I'd like to come out and see it run one day.

10-05-2008, 09:41 PM
Patrick -

There is a Halloween Bash at Pacific Raceways on the 18th of this month and weather permitting we will be there to run. I'm not too optimistic on the weather but it is the last chance to run for '08.

But man, are we ever ready for 2009!