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05-17-2009, 09:12 PM
OK guys I'm a newbe

Old guy with to many cars.
my Falcon is a 63 Ranchero, looks really good from the outside but its got problems on the inside.
The entire floor and the lower half of the rear cab panel are a total mess and must be replaced.
i've got the new floor panels tacked in place but have been stymied with the rear cab panel. Anyone have any help out there?
The drive train will be an 87 Turbo coupe engine and T5 trans. I'm hoping to replace the front suspension with Must II and will try to set the Tcoupe rear system in.
After the last paragraph I hope everybody here is in to resto only cars: if so I sorry for despoiling one.
My other projects are a mustang and a chevy pickup both of them are usable and driven whenever needed.
daily driver is a 87 Turbo coupe with 87000 orig miles.
I'm a mechanical designer and currently work for a company in Burlington, WA that designes various types of water control valving.
I was at Monroe and saw your set up but didn't come and talk..........should have.
Nuff for now

Jeff W
05-17-2009, 09:24 PM
Hi Percy, sorry you didn't stop over to talk. Maybe you can trek down for one of the shows after you get the Ranchero back on the road.

As far as obsessive restores/ resto-mods / daily drivers or all-out drag cars, all are appreciated and welcomed.

As far as your cab corner, I'm not a metal man but if you attach some pictures you will get all sorts of advice here... some of it may even be good.:ROTFLMAO:

05-18-2009, 09:31 PM
Percy. Hi as well. Sorry you didn't stop and introduce yourself, but I understand -- we're a scary bunch. :eek:

Sounds like you're going to have a pretty cool car when you're done with it. Be sure to share some photo's as you do work on it!

So what's up with the rear panel that has you so stymied? Rusted out at the floor like most are? I had a '64 once and had planned to add access to the pocket in the bed from inside the car. That area is just wasted space otherwise and ultimately rusts away -- if it isn't already. They did a similar thing on the later model Rancheros, which is what gave me the idea. When I found the cowl was toast as well I abandoned the project and gave the car away, but I had that other space all planned out. I would have sealed the bed panel up for good, since there is no good way to make that usable space from the bed and still get it to seal 100%. That was a bad idea as it was originally designed (sorry Ford, but it's true). Then I would have put all the stuff for shows and tools, etc, back in there. Maybe a subwoofer too!