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08-27-2009, 07:14 PM
I wanted to make sure everyone was aware of this year's FCA Pacific Regional Convention. The show will be hosted by the River City Chapter and takes place at Rancho Cordova, CA.

Rancho Cordova is west of Sacremento, about 770 miles from Seattle. It will be held September 25, 26 & 27 and that's just a month away! More information and an application form can be found at:


09-01-2009, 08:37 PM
It is not too late to send in your registration and make your hotel reservations. It's quite a distance from Washington or Oregon, but it is a straight shot down Highway 5. There will be some folks from the Columbia River Falcon-Comet Club heading down to Sacramento..it's always more fun to join a caravan.

The location at the hotel is a great place for a car show. It will be a lot of fun! All Falcon fans are welcome!

Al Aiello
Sonoma County Falcons

09-01-2009, 10:18 PM
If it didn't coincide with a work trade-show in Lost Wages that week I'd have seriously considered it since I still have family in Sactown.

09-02-2009, 06:51 AM
Roger---I was hoping to hear a story about your Wagon and how it breezed up the grade at Ashland. There is always next year, but not sure where it will be yet.

Al Aiello

09-02-2009, 09:23 AM
I suppose John G never told the story of how we caravan'd over that pass going 25MPH MAX becuase I was having fuel starvation problems? He was nice enough to hang back with me from about the first pass outside Woodburn all the way to Grants Pass where I waved goodbye and headed to my Mothers place -- which was a visit consisting of working on the wagon.

Never found the problem while down there, though I found others -- none of which solved it. I limped it back to Seattle from Grants Pass a couple days later. Once home and up in the air I found the tank outlet hose being brittle and cracked (didn't fix it). Tank filter a little dirty (didn't fix it). Ultimately I decided to rebuild the carb and found it was clogged up (this fixed it).

How it ran well before the carb clogged up, considering all the other things I found, is still a mystery. I guess it was because IT'S A FALCON! :rocker:

09-02-2009, 01:41 PM

John did relate your story...and I think I read about your carb problem here. The grade I am talking about is the one south of Grants Pass...the one past Ashland just before you cross into California.

My 65 wagon (with 200 six) cruised surprisingly well the first time I went over that grade a few years ago. There were 3 guys and a lot of extra weight and we we made it over in 3rd gear (manual tranny--column shift).

The next year we made the same trek and I had changed over to the C-4 automatic. I think my power went about 20%...and my gas mileage dropped at least 3-4 gals. I really prefer the automatic, but I may re-think that conversion if I had to do it all over again.

Last month, some friends and I went to the Dearborn Ford Fever Show in Woodburn. My friend blew out a turbo clamp on his F-350 on that grade and the truck had absolutely minimal power...we put the clamp back on and nursed it over the hill.


09-29-2009, 07:31 PM
The 2009 FCA Pacific Regional was held at the Marriott Hotel in Rancho Cordova (near Sacramento) on 9/26/09. There were 62 Falcons registered at the show. That's a pretty good turnout considering the economy and all. The River City Chapter and friends did a fantastic job hosting the event. The hotel, hospitality room, banquet, show field, awards presentation, etc. were all excellent. I posted a few photos of the event in an album under my user name in the "Community" section. Below is a link to it:


The very nice '64 squire wagon shown in one of the photos was very nicely restored and won 'best of show' and 'ladies choice' awards. He also had some very cool Falcon pedal cars including a 1960 version that I had never seen before.

There were some long distance visitors from Washington at the event.

Al Aiello

09-29-2009, 09:56 PM

Thanks for the post and pics. Love it when a station wagon wins something! Nice turnout.

Would have rather been there than in Vegas. I hate trade shows...


09-29-2009, 10:59 PM
Thanks for posting those Al! There are a lot of really nice Falcons there. I need more vacation!! :doh:

If you come across any links to more photos, please post them here anytime.