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Posted March 21st, 2012 at 07:08 PM by Hughs63

So, Here is the update to the 63 Ranchero Project I am doing:
I have replaced most of the fluids in the car. Diff, trans, oil. Greased all the joints and greaseable things.
Ripped out, literally, the rotted out battery tray and cleaned up all the rust under and around the tray, painted the area and replaced the tray.
Fixed the rat eaten wiring in the engine compartment. Stupid rates, I hate rats and mice.
Removed the heater box completely. I had to tear it down to it's individual parts and cleaned them completely. Why? Because it was the nest for the aforementioned rat. Filthy creatures. Sand blasted all the metal parts for the heater box and ready to reassemble.
Removed the gas tank and stripped it down. The sender unit and locking ring had been epoxed in place so I spent 1.5 hours chipping all that out so I could remove the heavily corroded sending unit. Tank is ready to recondition this weekend hopefully. Then we can reinstall the tank and replace the gas line. Big item on my project list.
Removed, cleaned and replaced the oil pan and valve cover. Replaced all the plugs and wires, cap and rotor.
Removed, and replaced all the heater and coolant hoses.
Removed, cleaned and reinstalled the fuel pump and replaced the fuel filter.
Removed the seat, disassembled and cleaned it. It was nasty filthy. Sand blasted the runners and mounting brackets.
I'm hoping to remove and rebuild the carb soon and remove and send the head out for machining. Then put it back together and hopefully start the damn thing for the first time since I got it.

Someday it will run and I can drive it to a meet. Someday.
I hope to meet some or most of you soon,
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