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Posted 11-28-2010 at 08:05 PM by pbrown

The fuel pump finally arrived. It's been on back-order since August. It bolted in right where the old one was. I worked on some of the plumbing at the rear.

I still have a bit of hard line to finish with up front. I want to get the car a little higher to make that section easier to access.

I tested the new idle air control (IAC) valve. It fits and works fine. I did some testing. I installed the IAC in the throttle body. Then I set my retract settings to one and the start settings to 51 in the computer. I cycled the ignition on and off several times to ensure that the valve was fully extended. I then pulled the IAC and measured the overall length. It was reinstalled again and I cycled power a few more times. I again pulled the IAC and measured the length. It was the same. This confirmed that I was at the fullest extension. I left the plug disconnected and set the retract setting to eleven and the start setting to one. This forced the pintle to retract ten steps each time the key is cycled. The IAC was reconnected and I cycled the ignition while watching the valve through the windshield. It retracted ten steps each time. I just counted the cycled until it stopped moving. 41 was the number so this means I have a total step count of 410 from fully closed to fully open. I set the computer to a start retard setting of 430. The extra bit was to ensure that the valve always returned to full open no matter where it was when the car was turned off last. The way this works in that when power is applied, the valve opens all the way until it stops. That becomes the zero reference. Then the computer moved the valve back in to the cranking position. My cranking position is set to 300 for now. We will see what the car wants when it is running. Once running, the valve is opened or closed automatically based on inputs from the coolant temp sensor and the manifold pressure (vacuum in my case) sensor to maintain a good idle speed.
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