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170 Build

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Posted 09-18-2009 at 12:02 PM by Nathan289
Updated 09-18-2009 at 02:02 PM by pbrown

I recieved a free 170 and another 2.77 trans amoung many other free parts.

The 1962 ranchero engine smokes a little and there is a knocking sound which might be rod knock or it could be fuel pump. Don't really care as this is the excuse for that new motor I've been looking for..

So the 170 is out of a 1964 falcon futura hardtop. the owner did a tune up shortly before pulling the engine for a v-8 swap. The engine ran great and didn't smoke nor making noise.

I noticed the engine had a reman sticker on it but it didn't say who remanned it.. I took the valve cover off and noticed a bent pushrod. So I figured a full tear down was in order..
My plan was (key word there was) a simple re-ring but.....
The 64 170ci is a four main engine like all 170s but does use a hydralic camshaft.
This perticular motor has been bored .040 already and the crank has been turned as well. but internally everything looked good except cylinders 3 and 4 looked like they had water in them at sometime and there was pitting on the cylinder walls.. So simple re-ring wasn't in order..

The engine has been bored to .060 now.. I had a camshaft for a larger 250ci laying around and that has found its way into the engine..

I took the cylinder head up to be rebuilt and the intake valves were too thin to perform another valve job on so I needed new valves and if I'm spending money on valves I might as well go bigger.. So the head is done and it has larger vavles in it..

I'll post pictures when I start assembling the engine. I'm waiting for my pistons to arrive to complete assembly..

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