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Intake Air Temp and Injector Harness

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Posted 10-28-2010 at 09:45 PM by pbrown

The wiring is nearly finished. The EFI portion of the wiring is done. I'll also be rewiring some older wire and some of the factory wire.

This EFI system is a bank-to-bank setup. This means that there are two injector drivers - four injectors on each circuit. My injector harness connects to the main harness with a four wire Weatherpack connector. There whole thing is wrapped in harness tape.

I needed a place to mount an air temperature sensor. In the EFI world this is an Intake Air Temperature sensor (IAT). This is often mounted to a runner on the intake manifold. I didn't have a port for that so I mounted mine in the air filter assembly. I have an adapter out of 1/8" steel and tapped it to accept the 3/8" NPT sensor.

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