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Modified cylinder head & under hood restoration

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Posted August 1st, 2010 at 12:10 AM by redfalken

I had a hard time coming up with a title for my first blog entry! This is one of those projects that has a lot of things going on. So pardon the long post but I'll try to get you caught up. Feel free to comment if you have suggestions or questions.

Most important to deal with was a leaky floor pan. I welded in new metal a couple of years ago and there has been some leaking when I'm out on the highway in the rain. It's my daily driver so this happens quite a bit here in Seattle. I needed to drop the tranny so I could get to all the new metal seams in the tunnel and seal them properly. My carpet had become mildew ridden and really kept the whole interior too moist so I finally ripped it out. New red carpet is waiting in storage!!

For a while I've been working on a 1982 cylinder head to rev up the 200 six a little and this seemed like a good time to get it installed.

1 - Oversized stainless steel valves (1.5" exhaust, 1.75" intake)
2 - Install hardened valve seats in exhaust.
3 - Three-angle valve job (Top Cut: 30, Valve Seat: 45, Bottom Cut: 60).
4 - Undercut intake valve 30 (do not undercut exhaust valves).
5 - Install bronze valve guides.
6 - Machine for teflon valve seals.
7 - Mill head .030 (57cc chambers, 8.1:1 CR).
8 - Mill exhaust port surfaces as needed.
9 - Mill carburetor base surface as much as possible.

I'm also added a dual roller timing chain and gear set as well as new head studs from Classic Inlines. Lots of cleaning to the block, new rear seal, rebuild the lifters, clean cam and bearings, new water pump, new paint. Basically a poor man's rebuild to the block for now.

And while I'm at it...might as well get the steering box rebuilt so I dropped it of at Redhead here in Seattle and got it back a few days later.

The whole engine bay is getting cleaned and repainted. I'll weld up some unused holes and basically tidy up a bunch of things. I cleaned and painted the bay and engine about 7 or 8 years ago but this will be much more extensive.

So I'll start with that for now and leave you with a few photos. There's a lot of work ahead so I may not get to a show until this fall but I'll be proud to open the hood and show off the engine and roll down the windows to show off the new DRY carpet!
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    SmithKid's Avatar
    Great job so far Kenny. I'll follow closely, and it's timely for me that you're doing this, as I'm going to be doing similar things in the fairly near future. My engine bay probably qualifies right up there with the ugliest. Gene
    Posted August 1st, 2010 at 06:56 PM by SmithKid SmithKid is offline

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