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Project Postponed - but Back In Business

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Posted 10-04-2009 at 09:06 AM by MacDee
Updated 01-04-2010 at 06:16 AM by MacDee (Update)

Well, we had a setback....
The engine was all ready to go back together. We'd finished all the block machine work, did the final cleaning, applied rust inhibitor in the cylinders and deck in preparation for subsequent final assembly when the block fell off of the cart it was sitting on and hit the floor. At first it looked like there was no damage, but later while gapping the rings, it became apparent the #1 cylinder had been distorted by the blow.
We don't know yet if it is repairable. That cylinder had been previously sleaved. Perhaps it can be salvaged with re-sleaving. However, I need to start beating the bushes for another block... just in case. We've done too much, and come too far to abandon the project!
Anyone who might have a rebuildable 1966 or newer 200 block (or engine), I would like to hear from you!

Back In Business?
Some good news...maybe?
We found another block (whole engine actually). It's a later block so it will mate to my C4, it's only been bored +.030, and isn't appreciably worn. The "?" comes from the fact that it had been sitting outside, under a tarp... for six years! When we first looked at it, it would not turn. We feared rust up the gazoo in the cylinders. We pulled head to discover there was some water, and some rust, is a couple of the cylinders. After spending some time scraping at the rust with a knife, Carter thought it might possible to shave the rust out with another .010. We got a good enough deal that we decided to take the risk. Carter has since torn the engine all the way down and done some clean-up on the block. When I last saw it (last Saturday), he hadn't bored it yet, but he seemed confident the cylinders would clean up with another .010 (out to +.040).

If nothing else [bad] happens, Carter thinks he can finish the engine before he goes in for knee surgery on October 21. However, there won't be enough time to fab up a test stand and run it.

It might be possible to go ahead and do the swap in a couple of weeks and fire it up in the car. Frankly, I'm not too eager about doing a swap in the cold and rain, so I'm inclinced to stick to my "next spring" decision to do the swap. That would give Carter time to recover and build the test stand, and me more time to think (worry?) about throttle and transmission linkage.

I DID get some matching paint for under-hood detailing while the engine is out. I've got another Falcon driveshaft (Thanks, Roger!) that can be used along with the Mustang shaft to get one made up at Drivelines Northwest. I'm going to go ahead and do the Alternator conversion with the 170 still in the car.

We're still making progress....

It's official. The new block needs to go to +.060. We'll be buying new pistons and rings, and it won't start going back together until after Carter recovers from knee surgery.
I'll re-launch the project some time probably next spring....

Jeff W had an incomplete 200 w/C4 that he was going to rebuild and swap into his 2-dr wagon. However, he subsequently obtained an absolutely complete, good-running 200/C4, that doesn't need a re-build, out of a Falcon, whose owner was swapping to V8 power. He offered the extra 200 to me.
I went over to Jeff's last weekend and pulled the head on it to discover it was a virgin block; the cylinders had never been bored oversize. I have agreed to take this engine and will transport it over to Carter's place this weekend. Carter really wants this block because it will allow us to use the pistons we've already got, balance and all. The block is a dual-bolt-pattern block (1968, we think) so we'll be able to bolt up my trans with no problem. I also discoverd that the dual-bolt-pattern block also has mounting provision for either alternator or generator. This is good since I have already taken the alternator from the first engine and installed it in my car with the 170. Since the block will accept the generator bracket, we'll be able to use my old generator for the test run, if we end up doing a test run on a test stand. (Carter is still indicating we wants to build a test stand and run the engine before it's installed.)
Carter has indicated that he REALLY wants to get this engine built before he departs for warmer climes in December. He has had his knee surgery and belives he'll be able to proceed with the build in a couple of weeks.
Assuming the engine is done by the end of the year, I may want to try the installation perhaps in March. I've gotten a lead on a place where we might be able to do it in a nice, big, warm, garage.
We'll see how things go over the next few weeks.

Engine's Almost Done
Okay, the engine is essentially finished. Jeff W's engine block cleaned up at +.040... barely. We decked the block to zero, and assembled the engine. Carter started fabricating a test stand, but ran out of time (and steel) before he had to depart for his winter stay in Arizona.

He gave me some assignments to get done while he's gone:
Check for hood clearance;
Figure out the throttle linkage;
Fabricate a fuel line;
Get oil pressure and water temp gauges and install sending units.

Carter is expecting to return around the end of March, and we'll finish the test stand and hopefully run the engine some time in April.

The first challenge to overcome with regard to my "winter assignments" is the throttle linkage. The throttle plate lever on the Holley carb interferes with the intake manifold. A thread on the Ford Six forum indicates this can be overcome with some judicious grinding on the throttle lever, and/or the manifold plus perhaps raising the carb up a bit higher IF there's some extra hood clearance. I've measured approximately how much hood clearance I have now, and will try to determine if there is enough to raise the carb any during my first winter visit to Carter's shop. (They have a winter house-sitter that I can coordinate with to gain access to the shop.)
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