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2015 Mini Regional


As discussed during last night in the Nov 19, 2014 meeting we're going to get an early start on the preparations for the 2015 Mini Regional. We're obligated to manage it again this year since the Columbia Chapter did it two years in a row.

As you all know this event was an overwhelming success, and we're all hoping to do equally well, or better, next year - with your help and a little extra time.

We've decided to do the show again at Griot's and Kenny will find out what dates we have available to us. And we're thinking to do it earlier, like late July, to make sure the kids are all out of school and can make it (assuming you have any of those). Griot's has a great setup for BBQ's and picnic atmosphere - something we can make better use of next year.

If you managed a position last year, let us know whether you are willing and able to repeat the same duties this year - or if you'd like some help.

Looking forward to hearing from you!
Roger Moore

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